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M.T. Sorrell

M.T. Sorrell provides residential support services in a safe and comfortable home-like environment to adults with intellectual disabilities. All services are provided by professionally trained, dedicated staff in a positive, healthy, family-oriented atmosphere. Staff work directly with each individual to develop, retain or improve the skills necessary to encourage and promote their self-empowerment and individual growth.





The Hatcher Center

The Hatcher Center, Inc is a United Way agency that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities in Virginia. The Hatcher Center provides programs and job training for individuals with disabilities in the Danville and Pittsylvania County area. The Hatcher Center also provides transportation for the majority of our current employees. Our rehabilitation department serves as the liaison between local and state funding sources to assess an employee’s strengths and vocational goals and then match them to our job training opportunities.





White Oak School

The White Oak School provides both academic and special design curriculum to students who are receiving or who are at risk of receiving special education services. White Oak School is licensed by the Virginia State Department of Education and accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities. Academic services are provided for students ages 5 - 21.