Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities often are not treated equally, having been labeled by their disability and separated from the community. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for a full life in their community​, where they can live, learn, work, and socialize, while receiving the supports they need to live the life they choose.​ All of our Direct Support Professionals, regardless of program, work towards that belief.

If you would like to complete an application, you may come into our administrative office at 734 Main Street, Danville, VA or you may download an application to print and complete.  Applications may be submitted in person, via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by fax to 836.5419.  Applications are kept on file for 12 months. 

The Arc of Southside was founded in 1954 to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc of Southside has changed dramatically over the past 7 years, shifting from a traditional facility-based model to an inclusive community-based model of support, currently serving over 100 adults and children in Danville, VA and the surrounding area. Driven by a passion to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities striving for a fully inclusive life in the community, The Arc of Southside provides residential, recreational, vocational, and transitional services.

The Arc of Southside currently provides an array of residential Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for adults, with plans to expand current services regionally, and to develop new services for those with more significant medical needs. Opportunities exist across services to develop programming, engage and train staff, and build processes to ensure consistent high-quality care. In partnership with The Arc of Southside’s staff, Board, volunteers, and individuals served, the Director of Residential Services will expand and operate a best-in-class residential program for The Arc of Southside.