Supported Employment Comes to The Arc!


We are so pleased to offer a new program here at The Arc of Southside! We are adding Supported Employment.  You may ask “what is supported employment and why do we need it since we have work and jobs here at the Hatcher Center?

Supported Employment is a service that supports people with developmental disabilities to find competitive employment in the community.  Many of our employees with disabilities have expressed interest in making more money, getting paid benefits and to have jobs they truly have an interest in doing. These jobs may be available but not here at Hatcher. Our new program will offer our employees the opportunity to make informed choices about their work and careers and the resources to seek, obtain, and to be successful in integrated community employment.

We are now interviewing for our first job coach position. This person, vital to the success of the program, will work with area businesses and help with the development of employment opportunities and offer on-going support for those who make the decision to work in the community. We hope to have this position filled by the middle of August.

This is a positive step for our program and for our employees currently working at Hatcher to have new opportunities!