Home-like will never be Home…

That is why we only provide services to people in their own homes. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have often been labeled by their disability and separated from the community.  At The Arc, our services are grounded in two core beliefs; 1) everyone deserves the opportunity for a full life in their communitywhere they can live, learn, work, and socialize, while receiving the supports they need to live the life they choose, 2) regardless of level of support needs, everyone can and should be supported to live their life in the community.   We provide residential supports to people in their own homes with supports designed to suit each person’s individual needs.

Our Approach

Everyone needs support and guidance, especially when they move out on their own for the first time. In order to support someone at home, we begin by looking at each person's life and designing supports around them.  Some people need services just a few hours a month or week while others need someone with them all the time to help with all the aspects of their daily life. 

Once we know what things a person wants help with, and how much time they need someone with them or available to them, we design with them their plan for supports.  Each person, with their family or others in their life where applicable, then meets with and interviews potential candidates to work with them from a pool of prescreened applicants that meet the hiring requirements of The Arc.  

Finding Your Home

Housing for each person varies based on their desires and resources.  We work with each person to identify what's important to them about where they live by asking them to reflect on things like living alone versus with a friend or roommate, living in a house versus an apartment, is a yard important to them or is being close to specific amenities important or do they enjoy the quiet solitude of the country.  We go through the process with them to create a budget that looks at their resources so that we can help them either gain more resources or find housing that fits into their budget.