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Supported Employment refers to the services wrapped around someone to help them obtain and maintain employment.

Our Approach

Being successful at work starts with knowing how you work best, what skills and gifts you have, what interests you and then finding a job that lines up with those things.  Job Coaches with The Arc work with people to help them discover these things and match that with the job market in their community.

Through a process called Discovery, the coach gets to know the person so they can best support them in their job search.   Coaches help each person explore the job market to find available jobs that match up with their skills and interests.  During the job search, coaches help people develop resumes, complete applications, interview for positions and complete the final steps in job acquisition. Once a job is secured the job coach provides on the job training for as long as the person needs to become independent in their position.  

Once the person is working, the coach remains connected to ensure ongoing success.  They can provide training in new job tasks, support with peer and co-worker relations, help in managing transportation, or any other support that will help ensure a person’s success on the job.  

To learn more about Supported Employment, contact David Gusler at (434) 836-3272 x102 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..